One Way Experiences:

For 2022, we are excited to offer one-way paddles between  our 3 locations.  Reservations required.

Downtown to Northwest Experience

Northwest to Downtown Experience

Downtown to Bridgeport Experience

Bridgeport to Downtown Experience

Enjoy a two to three hour paddle to explore the Chicago River at your leisure. Visit Canal Shores Park near Bridgeport, or end at Rockwell for a beer at Metropolitan Brewing. Wateriders’ one way paddles allow you to craft your summer experience. All paddlers will be evaluated for skills competence.

Apex Pass

Also for 2022 we can now offer unlimited paddling at any of our three “bases,”

With the Apex, kayaking, alone or with other initiates, can be a part of enjoying the season that we, as Chicagoans, have an inalienable right to enjoy-the good weather!

Eastbank Apex Base Pass

2 Hour Unlimited Kayaking Downtown

Rockwell Apex Base Pass

2 Hour Unlimited Kayaking Northwest

Bridgeport Apex Base Pass

2 Hour Unlimited Kayaking Bubbly Creek

Full Apex

2 Hour Kayaking at Any Location + Unlimited One Ways

All Apex pass usage will be redeemed through either the Two Hour Kayak Rental at a Base or a One Way Rental offering a. Bookings must generally be 24 hours or more prior to outing for passholders.

Wateriders will offer kayaking from mid April through mid October, weather and conditions permitting. All passholders must pass safety and competency requirements and passes subject to revocation for safety or rules violations. Passes non-transferable. No pass usage after sunset.