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Founded in 1997, Wateriders created the first Chicago River kayaking tour and started a phenomenon. Since then, we have led tens of thousands of adventurous people from all over the globe on recreational kayak tours that reveal the history and magnificent architecture of our great city.

We take great pride in providing access to this amazing urban resource, and it has been incredibly exciting watching both the quality of the water and the attitude toward the river improve drastically over the years – right in front of our eyes (and under our boats)!

Our tours offer an unforgettable adventure from the peaceful platform of a kayak while paddling through the steel and concrete canyons in the heart of downtown Chicago.  Our top priority is offering our guests a safe, fun and unique adventure on the Chicago River, led by experienced, knowledgeable and professional guides. There is nothing quite like seeing the faces of people returning from their trip who have just experienced the splendor of downtown Chicago from one of our boats. With the newly minted expansion of the riverwalk and new skyscrapers popping up nearly every year, the scenery is only getting better!

We launch as close as is possible to Wolf Point – the visually stunning confluence of the three branches of the Chicago River. This means our guests are not only immediately treated to some of the best views of the city – they are mere minutes away from the primary stretch of the Main Stem and have the option to explore any (or all) of the possible routes. We really aren’t kidding about the view – ask the countless wedding photographers who dodge traffic to stage hundreds of photo shoots from the Kinzie Street bridge every year, right above our dock.

We really hope you will get a chance to join us as we spend our summers down on the river, enjoying the sun, the company of our guests, the endless parade of puppies that walk past our dock, and the opportunity to work in such a magnificent city!